Oonagh Morning Star (Elisa Wike Hurley)

What a joy-filled adventure it is to be alive and listening to the stirrings of my soul! My artistic process is co-creative; I drum, pause, listen, and paint. Portals are opened as I explore the mystical energies of Creation. Layers of color and light add to the mystery.  

A recent trip to the west coast of Ireland, and the past 3 years in rural New Mexico have indeed penetrated my paintings with an emergence of ancestral spirits, ancients, faerie and star beings. 

As a teacher, I help others open more fully to their unique creative voices. Playfulness, joy, gratitude and a connection to something greater than ourselves are core components in my workshops.  I am thrilled to offer private and group intuitive painting classes.

As a photographer, I look for the holy in the ordinary. Even crumbs can be majestic. I love to wander in the natural world with the Divine as my guide and hear mystery speak. My portraits are people in everyday life. I seek to share both loveliness and shadow, what’s real and in the moment.

My words and images in musings of the moment are posted to inspire others to look more deeply at the world around them with an open heart and wide eyes. Both the ordinary and sacred can speak and become gift.

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