Elisa Wike Hurley (Oonagh Elisa)

My art work is about vibration. Reverence. Communion with the divine. My artistic process is co-creative; I listen to my intuition, the energies around me, the silence, and allow mystical portals to open as I paint.

Many months of traveling on the west coast of Ireland last fall, and the past four years in rural New Mexico have indeed penetrated my paintings with an emergence of ancient and ancestral spirits, faerie and galactic energies.

Sharing “spirit of nature faerie tarot readings” is a deeply open hearted and magical way for me to assist others on their paths to wholeness and light. 

As a teacher, I help individuals open more fully to their unique creative voices. Playfulness, joy, gratitude and a connection to something greater than ourselves are core components in my workshops.  I am thrilled to offer private and group intuitive painting classes.


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