birth of venus

birthofVenusdaylight dims. venus sits on the windowsill. the tulips nearby are dying. i see a card my daughter made me a long time ago and for whatever reason, i weep.

beauty shrivels, darkens, and then reconfigures into something new. for now, eyes awake, with a preciousness that could break a heart in two.


birth of venus — 2 Comments

  1. Oh, Elisa!
    Thank you for making this website so I can visit.
    Thank you for these words to nurture my heart.
    Thank you for being.

    • a journey like no other. into the beautiful dark mystery with light along the fringes. always there. and even the dark
      holds all that we need, if we are courage and step right in. ! thanks for reading my stuff here on this musings of the moment!

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